Blood Is Thicker Than Common Sense, Or To Chav Or Chav Not

By BRUCE DENNILL   Pests / Directed by Fiona Ramsay / POPArt Centre, Maboneng, Johannesburg   Watching Pests, it’s difficult to understand what would make the story appeal to playwright Vivienne Franzmann. A tale of two sisters, young women who have been emotionally and sexually abused, struggle ...


Dam, Yeah! Or Getting Your Groove On While Parking Off

By BRUCE DENNILL   Emmarentia Live / Bad Peter, Gangs Of Ballet, Freshlyground, Mango Groove, Mi Casa, Goodluck / Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg   Festivals are a wonderful thing – collected talent, back to back, channelling inspiration for a bunch of happy-go-lucky revellers. They’re all the better when ...


Do You Want Vries With That? Or Basting And Beyond

By BRUCE DENNILL   The Grilling of a Lifetime: Casper de Vries / Grillmaster – John Vlismas / Parker’s Comedy & Jive, Montecasino, Johannesburg   A roast (or grill, if the name must be changed to satisfy some puerile pettiness) is defined as: “an event in which ...

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Companion Piece, Or If Love Is The Answer, What’s The Question?

By BRUCE DENNILL   I Love You. You’re Perfect, Now Change / Directed by Elizma Badenhorst / Pieter Torien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg   Versions of the men-versus-women, Mars-Venus, defense of the caveman story have filled the pages of literature, screenplays and scripts for as long as ...

A- Slava Polunin portrait (V.Mishukov)

Visual Poetry, Or Dances Of Assissai

By BRUCE DENNILL   Slava’s Snowshow / Created by Slava Polunin / Teatro, Fourways, Johannesburg   Slava’s Snowshow is a wordless, full-length, tragi-comic theatre production. As such, it’s not something that most mainstream audiences have the slightest clue how to approach. Its creator Slava Polunin is one ...


Mulligan Starts Over, Or Don't Shoot The Messenger0

Mulligan Starts Over, Or Don’t Shoot The Messenger

By BRUCE DENNILL   We Are Messengers frontman (and proud Irishman; his brogue is so rich it takes up extra bandwidth on the intercontinental interview call) Darren Mulligan, now resident in Nashville getting on with the business of ...

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Fantastic Mr Foxes, Or Of Leicester And Longinquity0

Fantastic Mr Foxes, Or Of Leicester And Longinquity

By BEN WRIGHT   In the late 1970s, my uncle wanted to go to Filbert St. My Grandmother said no. Like the stadiums of many a middling football club at the time, the home of Leicester City could be ...

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Extract from Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Kak: The Zuma Years by Tim Richman0

Extract from Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Kak: The Zuma Years by Tim Richman

The Arms Deal today Here’s a contemporary vignette that illustrates how utterly surreal the Arms Deal was. An unidentified officer of the South African Navy was asked on national television in February 2016 what the point was of ...

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  • 1 – Never Darken This Portal Again
  • 2 – Very Nearly Offensively Bad
  • 3 – Nobody Thought This Through
  • 4 – Poor
  • 5 – Not Bad, But Ok
  • 6 – Good
  • 7 – Very Good
  • 8 – One Of The Best This Year
  • 9 – I Was Moved; I May Have Cried
  • 10 – Pretty Much Perfect


Tea And Sympathy (For Bears), Or To Coin A Phase0

Tea And Sympathy (For Bears), Or To Coin A Phase

By BRUCE DENNILL   The hotel we’re in for the junket is lovely. But it’s miles from anywhere, a round of golf costs five hundred million dirham and there’s only so much of the course you can walk ...

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Crossing To Jordan, Or Heart And Hobnobbing0

Crossing To Jordan, Or Heart And Hobnobbing

By BRUCE DENNILL   There’s a quote from the Stellenbosch at Summer Place press release that reads: “Our chefs and winemakers work the floor for guests to hobnob with them”. How big a role do people skills play in ...

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Better Lutyens Than Never, Or Of Art And Age0

Better Lutyens Than Never, Or Of Art And Age

The Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) has been working feverishly up to the forthcoming celebration of the centenary of the famous Sir Edwin Lutyens building, the grand custom-built housing for the original Foundation Collection at JAG. JAG’s dedicated staff, led by chief curator Antoinette Murdoch, has pulled out

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Stars Of The Stage0

Stars Of The Stage

The winners of the Naledi Theatre Awards were announced on 19 April at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City. For the first time in the awards’ 12-year

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A Special Tribute: Chris Van Wyk - In His Own Words0

A Special Tribute: Chris Van Wyk – In His Own Words

Chris van Wyk (1957-2014) arrived on the literary scene at the age of 22 with It Is Time To Go Home, a startlingly accomplished collection

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