Picture Essay: Warm-Up Routine

March 30, 2014



RAMfest Johannesburg (ish – it was on an unsignposted farm in Bronkhorstspruit) on March 6 and 7 was about more than just music, mud, ironic T-shirts and illegible tattoos. There was fire, too. Swirly, whirly, cheaper-than-hallucinogenics fire.

Man makes propeller out of light; purses lips to create bubbly diesel engine sound; stays steadfastly on the ground. The end.


Dude. Don’t look now, but your left one’s a little smaller than your right one.


Picasso did this, and people thought he was a genius, so the outcome will almost certainly be the same here.


Hey. I’m a big Jerry Lee Lewis fan.


Beware the Semi-Transparent Caterpillar Of Fiery Death. Or something.


You know what people should start doing at festivals? Lighting fuel sources on the end of ropes and whipping them around when there are large groups of people about. Good deal. Pictures by Bruce Dennill.