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Writing: Motivated By Fear, Or Just Plane Thrilling

Writing: Motivated By Fear, Or Just Plane Thrilling

By DJ WILLIAMS   My wife and I were vacationing in Hawaii when one morning she woke and said, “I want to go skydiving.” Being the seasoned husband that I am, I replied, “Yes, dear.” Now what you should know about my wife is that she’s afraid to fly. So, you can...

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“Funny, thought-provoking, entertaining, and important…the link to pARTicipate is one email I look forward to finding in my inbox.”

Tony Park


“When I open  pARTicipate, I  enjoy the opportunity to find out about art across such a range of disciplines and creative endeavours.

It uplifts, inspires and gets me connected to so many local voices.”

Steven Sack

Heritage & Creativity

“Bruce and pARTicipate support the entertainment industry. As the foremost organisation representing

actors and being the voice for and the rights for actors, his assistance and support of SAGA’s activism has highlighted the plight of actors and the injustice they endure.”
Carlynn de Waal-Smit


“pARTicipate is the only South African culture site that spreads its considerable net far and wide across all of the arts

– music, theatre, writing, film and more. And under the steady hand of of its critic-in-chief Bruce Dennill, there is a certainty of honest appraisal and enthusiastic reporting on the best of the creative output of our citizens.”
Steven Boykey Sidley


“pARTicipate contributes significantly to the dwindling arts coverage space in South Africa and provides a
much-needed voice to local artists across all genres. Bruce Dennill has a deep understanding of and appreciation for originating new work in a South African context. If you’re looking for content that is relevant, well-researched and that will (often!) put a smile on your face, hit the subscribe button!”
Jaco van Rensburg


“Bruce Dennill is an arts critic who’s opinion is highly valued in the world of live performance and entertainment
in South Africa. Having reviewed my work often, Bruce’s gaze is honest, encouraging and always refreshing, keeping up with theatrical trends and showing a genuine love and curiosity for live performance. A show is not complete without his signature review, be it a positive or negative one – he offers a necessary eye and discerning opinion to our industry.”
Sylvaine Strike