Books: Eco-Revolutionising The Publishing Industry, Or Pining For Forests

September 8, 2014

“Buy a book, plant a tree”

Scandinavian based non-fiction publisher Pine Tribe, who focuses on wellness and personal growth books, have launched an initiative which aims to ‘Eco-Revolutionise’ the publishing industry. Through their PlantATree campaign, they have so far planted 5 000 trees… and that is just the beginning. Every time you purchase a Pine Tribe book or eBook (no matter where you purchase it), or by signing up for the Pine Tribe newsletter, you have the opportunity to plant a tree in Madagascar or Ethiopia through WeForest.

“For centuries, traditional publishing has cut down trees in order to share their books. We too wish to share our books, but in a sustainable way. That’s why we plant a tree for every book you buy,” says Martin Bjeregaard, co-founder of Pine Tribe and best-selling author.

Pine Tribe chose those projects in particular, because they plant trees where it is most needed. Planting trees in Madagascar and Ethiopia, besides the obvious benefits for the planet, provides employment to people who really need it. As a result, they get empowered to provide education for their children, get access to medical facilities, and provide food for their families. These wages from plantations help them provide their family a better living standard, and much needed sanitation and hygienic facilities.

“Traditionally the book industry has been part of the deforestation problem. We’d rather be part of the solution,” says Bjeregaard.

“One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second. Luckily, more and more governments, NGOs, and companies are working to offset this negative impact by planting trees. This is a movement we want to be a part of”.

About Pine Tribe: Pine Tribe is a new kind of book site and publisher. Our concept is to bring the best books from the Scandinavian market, to global audiences. We strive for a world that is more connected, through better sharing of ideas, thoughts and stories. We’re in a digital age where we don’t have the same boundaries and restrictions as we once did. Our goal is just to share fantastic literature with the world in a sustainable way.

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