Music: New Song – Centre Stage, Or My Year In A 4:05 Demo

December 26, 2014


A song is worth a thousand words. Or something. Below is a song I wrote about 2014 – not an easy period – with a link for a free download at the bottom of the page. Enjoy. Comments welcome/hoped for/useful.


Centre Stage

© Bruce Dennill, 2014

I am afraid

Watching from a distance

Impetus fades

I’m grinding to a halt


There’s grace, I know

But it feels like it’s approaching slow

So I am afraid

I’m ready for a change


Dues getting paid

Coming out of hiding

Wanting to trade

Inertia for the play


There’s grace, I know

And it’s freed me from the undertow

I am afraid

But I have turned the page


Carrying all my helpless pain

It took love to reach me to explain

That faith will never run away

It stands to fight

I’ve given all that I can give

Now my choice is to return and live

To listen to what hope will say

Beyond the night


I was afraid

Watching from a distance

But now I have made

The step from death to life


There’s grace, it’s here

And I feel it take away my fear

I was afraid

Now I’m standing centre stage