Music Review: Twin Atlantic – Great Divide: Scot On, Or Much Better Than Good Divide

December 16, 2015



Twin Atlantic: Great Divide


Twin Atlantic, like their fellow Scots Biffy Clyro are a band who can produce music of astonishing sonic power, so it’s interesting that they choose to begin this latest collection with a quiet ballad called The Ones That I Love. It’s a strategy that reaps instant rewards, though, showing off some gorgeous harmonies (savour the line “So take me to your God” in particular) and ensuring that listeners encounter zero clutter in terms of getting to the melody at the heart of the tune.

It’s very much back to (thrilling) business as usual with the next track, Heart And Soul, which joyously lives up to its title – big, ballsy and ecstatic; capable of brightening the day of anyone listening to it. Hold On very nearly achieves the same standard, adding some throbbing club synths and a four-on-the-floor that makes it great dance music for people who don’t like dance music.

Fall Into The Party takes some of the strengths of all its predecessors to again create a concoction that inspires euphoria, usually a rare accomplishment once on an album, but a relatively common occurrence here.

Oceans is another ballad, not as effective as the album opener, but lifted substantially by the earnest tone of singer Sam McTrusty’s vocals and a beautiful string arrangement. The band reiterate that a powerful rock sound need not preclude sensitive lyrics in Be A Kid: “Imagine this, another world, another place where magic exists; yeah, I want to go.” It’s an anthem for anyone who’s tired of the rat race and regularly longs for simpler times.

Cell Mate is a clever play on “soul mate”, examining a different type of connection that, though not as romantic as the latter concept, is no less powerful. Rest In Pieces, another ballad. recalls a number of Eighties power-pop hits where choruses would see couples spontaneously slow-dance wherever they happened to be.

The “Great Divide” of the title certainly won’t arise in any group listening to this album together. There may be varying levels of appreciation, but there’s undeniably a gift for both singwriting and performance in evidence here, and  between feeling warm and fuzzy in the quieter moments and arms-aloft exhilarated when the volume and emotion is cranked up, this is music it’s impossible to remain indifferent to.


  • The Ones I Love                                                          7.75
  • Heart And Soul                                                           8.50
  • Hold On                                                                      7.75
  • Fall Into The Party                                                       8.25
  • Brothers And Sisters                                                   7.50
  • Oceans                                                                        7.00
  • I Am An Animal                                                          7.00
  • Be A Kid                                                                      8.00
  • Cell Mate                                                                    7.00
  • Rest In Pieces                                                             7.00
  • Actions That Echo                                                      7.25
  • Why Won’t We Change                                             7.25

Rating: 7.521