Film Interview: Joy Corrigan – Out Of Death, Or Modelling A Positive Outcome

April 13, 2021

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Model-turned-actress, Joy Corrigan stars alongside Bruce Willis in forthcoming thriller Out Of Death. Joy’s early work started by modeling for popular brands and fashion designers such as GuessUrban Decay, Frankie’s BikinisRoberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood. She also dedicates time to Jade’s Vine Foundation, a foundation she founded that focuses on saving endangered species of plants and animals around the world.

Can you share what it is that you love about film acting particularly – over other types of performance (including modelling)?

I love that acting gives me a way to express myself and become another character. I feel I can dive in and become someone else while on set. Acting is the most challenging type of performance for me. It feels so rewarding to let my imagination run wild and to fully get into character.


Are there aspects of the craft of acting that are different in front of a camera than in comparison to performing in front of a live audience?

Yes. When I’m acting in front of a live audience, I feel an energy and excitement I don’t necessarily get on a closed set. It gives me the right amount of nervousness to keep me excited and on my toes. When acting on camera it can sometimes can be hard to get into and stay in character. With the many takes and start-overs, it can be difficult, especially if you have to speak to someone who isn’t even there!


Film and television can be an enormously lengthy creative process, with months or even years passing between coming on board via auditions. Now, premieres are virtual and/or films are premiering on demand/streaming services; as a performer how to does it feel to invest heavily in something and then having to wait?

It’s super-weird to have to wait so long and never know when something you filmed will be released. I would love to see it right away to see if what I portrayed was what I had imagined. However, there is an upside to waiting a while, when the film is finally released, its almost like you get to see how far you have come and/or changed since filming the role.


How important is the message for you in terms of the types of stories you prefer to get involved with? Are you part activist (and if so, for what causes), do you want something that primarily presses artistic buttons, or is it a matter of simply working first and foremost? (Perhaps it’s a mixture of all three…).

As a newer actress, I find being selective is just as important, but a bit harder if I want to work often. Before selecting a role, I always look at the director, the screenplay and message and/or cause behind the film. I see if the artistic message or story resonates with me, I look to see if the director inspires me, and if giving my image and time will reflect the future actress and ultimately the human I want to become. Being an activist at heart, I try to always use my voice and image for good.


Does the way a film or show is distributed make a difference to you – the impact of the big screen and epic sound in a cinema versus a film or series being watched on a laptop or phone? Please answer as both a performer and a fan.

As a performer and fan, I would prefer to watch films and shows on a big screen. It doesn’t have to necessarily be in the cinema, but watching on a large TV with sufficient sound and graphics would be ideal. I feel it is important to take in every aspect of the artistic piece, including the sound, cinematography, and imagery to really be moved or to get the most out of what you are watching.

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