Music Interview: Tomi Thomas – Hurricane, Or Conveyed Via Creativity

September 9, 2021

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Rising star Tomi Thomas recently released his Hopeless Romantic EP. The new collection features a collaboration with Buju Banton on the track Hurricane, which premiered on Buju’s birthday, July 15th.


What is your first and most important goal as a musician – to tell a story (literally via lyrics or metaphorically via music); to inspire an emotion; to lift a mood; to get people moving? Perhaps it’s something else, or a mixture of these?

The most important thing is to raise the consciousness of the listener as a whole and to convey a certain message within the music that connects from the heart to the heart and from the soul to the soul.


Does your style reflect that of the artists you love or respect most?

I choose to be me. In that, I give thanks to all those who have inspired me and the thoughts of great characters who were able to tap into the higher realms and bring a piece of light back for themselves. I think it’s about going higher and choosing to ascend.


Do you write music, and if so, what sort of mix is involved in terms of discipline and inspiration?

Yes! I love to write songs, produce and compose music. It all boils down to muscle memory and the discipline to train and master your craft – in this case your pen. So I would say working every day would do wonders for you. Thank you for this subtle reminder – I’m going to write a verse after this session!


Name an artist or band who is, in your view, criminally underrated, and explain what it is about them or their sound that excites you?

I believe we all take different paths that lead to the top  of the mountain, and I hope we all make it through with grace. All artists are amazing in their own right.


How do you keep up or improve your skill levels? Is it all about practice, or are there other factors that help you to get better at and understand more about your craft?

I would say daily practice is key to remain fluid and you have to seek your spirit and be inspired to do great work. Find what excites you, fall in love with your craft and evolve.


What is the story behind Hurricane – the genesis of the song, the people involved, the muse behind its creation?

Hurricane, featuring the legendary Buju Banton. I feel it’s truly God aligning me with perfect timing. Big love to my amazing team and Genio Bambino.

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