TV Interview: Susan Lynch – Unforgotten, Or Taking A Punt On Reunions

September 28, 2021

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Susan Lynch reveals that the complex character of Liz Baildon drew her to the role in the fourth series of ITV’s highly anticipated crime drama, Unforgotten (streaming on BritBox).

Liz is a challenging character, because initially you think she is one thing and then suddenly as time unfolds, you see that she is something entirely different and it is so brilliantly arced. It was this mystery of Liz that initially drew me in. She has a highly responsible job which she is exceptionally good at and she is happily engaged to the love of her life, Janet [Amanda Douge]. So she has found herself in such a happy place in her life and then suddenly, as this drama does, it unfurls each of the characters and you find out that Liz is not who she seems. I like complex characters, so for me this was a gift of a part.


Susan tells of a specific, familiar face she was happy to be reunited with on set.

Andy Wilson directed this series and he was the person who directed me in my first ever TV role, on a series called Cracker, in 1993. We hadn’t worked together since and I was about 23 then and I am 49 now so you do the maths… When they sent all the information for the series over and I saw Andy’s name I was over the moon. Working with him, it felt like no time had passed. It was exciting stepping on to set and even more so due to my history with Andy. Everyone was so welcoming.


Susan’s highlight from filming Unforgotten was another wonderful coincidence.

There are brilliant actors in this show. It was lovely to meet and work with Nicola [Walker]; she is an amazing actress. She is so natural when she’s acting and so kind and generous. She makes everybody feel comfortable. My highlight, though, was working alongside Sheila Hancock. I had worked with Sheila years ago on a show called Dangerous Lady, in which she played my mother and this is the only other time we have worked together and once again she’s playing the role of my mum! That was lovely. She is a wonderful woman and a brilliant actress.


Susan reveals that off screen her relationship with Sheila differs dramatically to the pernicious mother-daughter one share have on screen.

Liz is under her mother’s thumb and it is awful, but there is a turning point which is quite shocking. It was amazing to play those scenes. It is a very fractious relationship. Liz was obviously quite close with her father, they both were, but Liz liked to see herself as her father’s golden child and apple of his eye, and her mother disagrees. But then, her mother basically disagrees with everything that Liz does and says. Chris Lang is such a brilliant writer, the tension between these two women is palpable.


Susan discusses what it was like to film in the picturesque English town of Cambridge during the very beginnings of COVID19.

We shot in Cambridge, which was beautiful, but it was just before the lockdown, so it was a little odd. Obviously it was all restricted but the crew and cast were so unbelievably conscientious about hand washing and all of that. It was a little like a ghost town, other than the people punting, which was hilarious. It was like the rest of the world was in pre-lockdown, but there was still this romantic activity going on. We kept having to pause filming because the boats were floating past.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”default_sidebar”][/vc_column][/vc_row]