Amused Bouche: Emzini, Westdene, Johannesburg

January 1, 2022

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Emzini, Westdene, Johannesburg.


Carte: A menu that looks simple (a no frills type-on-paper affair) is filled with varied dish options, allowing diners with any preference to choose something put together with creativity and imagination.

Smart: An old Westdene corner house, upgraded and decorated with a fantastically eclectic eye. Sit at a different table every time you go and you’ll feel like you’re visiting a different place.

Heart: Helpful, caring staff look after you well and owner and chef Richard Griffin is so warm and lovely you’ll probably nominate him as the godfather for your unborn children. He even has a buffet option that is discounted for artists (one of the many sectors of society neglected during the pandemic), with that discount – R20 a plate – being donated to NPO I’m 4 The Arts. Thank you, sir.

Flavour: The buffet is fantastic. It’s fresh – straight from the kitchen crafted serving bowls on an old farm-style table – and limited. In this context, that’s a positive, as the food doesn’t stand out and get cool or congealed or otherwise gross. Chicken pie and a pear and carrot tart are two of the immediate reasons to go back, before you even sample the various bakes and salads on offer.

Savour: You’ll feel like family, you’ll eat like a king (or queen) and, if you have the buffet, you’ll be supporting artists. Your stomach and your heart will be full.

Go/No: Go

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